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  • Tuba Tank Farm Project

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Who We Are
  • As a result of Iraq Mega Projects in the Power Generation Plants, Oil & Gas sector such as Refineries and refinery units, Oil and Gas fields development, Loading Terminals, Pipelines, Depots and Tanks we decided to establish engineering consultant and engineering inspection company to work in parallel with this huge industrial growth.
  • Anwar Al-Iraqia Company (AICO) was established in 2007 and looking to become one of Iraq's foremost NDT Services, Engineering Inspection & Engineering Consulting for Oil & Gas Project in Iraq.
  • AICO is registered with the Ministry of Trade as a Private Limited Liability Company.

To improve manufacturing quality and product reliability, components and structures are regularly inspected for discontinuities, defects or faults which may reduce their structural integrity leading to failure. Among the material testing methods developed for inspection purposes, Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques present the advantages of leaving the components undamaged after inspection.


To act as our client’s partner on site providing them with a complete range of NDT inspection facilities which are equipped with modern NDT equipments, approved practices, procedures, qualified and certified NDT Level I, II, technicians and in-house NDT III certified professionals, materials testing experts, welding inspection and quality control personnel